Response to Texts and a "Blackout" Poem

Recently, I've been catching up on back issues of magazines that are faithfully delivered to my home and just as faithfully squeezed into the bulging, oversized magazine basket in my entryway. Among my favorites are Spin and Poets & Writers. Kevin Larimer's profile of David Rhodes in the Sept./Oct. 2008 issue inspired me to create a blackout poem a la Austin Kleon (Newspaper Blackout: Austin Kleon). Though I used a magazine instead of a newspaper and I circled the chosen words rather than marked out all others--minor alterations--I'm sure this endeavor still qualifies. I was rather tempted by the flow of Larimer's novelistic phrases but I carefully avoided their gravitational pull for a more sparse effect.

coming after
that interaction,
a certain sense, unrelated,
of abstraction
unmoored abandon
needles in

With this unexpected found poetry, I also discovered the germ of a poem.