30 in 30

In my previous post I alluded to my hesitation to...
The finality of a text...
(See what I mean? You will.)
I tend to feel like a work needs time to marinate, then I can return to it, edit, and then repeat the process before I consider it complete.
As I sit here, masters degree (figuratively) in hand, on the cusp of assigning papers with deadlines to undergrad students, I think I need to experience these deadlines more intensely, in a way my recent classes have not required of me.
A friend of mine mentioned a few days ago that he was going to challenge himself to complete a 30 in 30 - to write 30 poems in 30 days. He told a few friends and now its grown into a movement (of sorts). What better way to get back into the groove of writing poems than with a challenge that also shakes my core beliefs about writing. So I'm on board. I'll post my haphazard, underwritten, incomplete poems here and, as they spark my mind and spirit, maybe they will spark yours.

Find more information about and join this 30 in 30 challenge here:

And it started yesterday, so hurry up and get started!


Theories & Models of Literacy: The Papers

I've avoided this post for as long as I could. With less than 24 hours to go, I somberly submit my midterm and final papers for all to view. I tend to hesitate to post items such as these because posting gives them a finality I rarely ascribe to them. I have made a few cosmetic changes to the original submissions but the content is largely the same.
The first, entitled The [R]evolution of Silent Reading, explains how silent reading became the linchpin between text technology and cultural change:

The second, entitled The Intersections of Culture and Literacy, discusses the obvious:

As I am constructing this post, I am becoming increasingly aware of my desire to seek/consider connections, the places and moments where and when ideas meet, touch, converge, and diverge. Perhaps, these connections will be focus of future posts and discussions.

Discussion Flyer: To Read

In my Theories and Models of Literacy class, we read and discussed the chapter entitled "To Read" in Ross Winterowd's book, The Culture and Politics of Literacy. I created the discussion flyer for this interesting chapter full of endophoric and exophoric clues that assist comprehension.
Check out the link below and the previous sentence will make sense ;)