48 LIVE - The Nationwide Odyssey of a Storyteller

Woodrow Landfair
A 24-year-old spends a little over a year motorcycling across the 48 contiguous states on a journey "to discover America."  This occasionally over-emotional, largely levelheaded, “confused young man,” Woodrow Landfair, finds his way and finds himself in the process.  The story is told to a live audience whose reactions add ambience and complete the interaction. It would have felt less real without them. 
Prosaic moments and melodious lines appear in this tale and enrapture, like when Woodrow describes stars as "rebel cut outs of the sun" and his description of a place “where the waves come crashing violently against these stones."
It’s on the cusp of political but just shy in a good way that leaves room for the listener to think.
Acoustic interludes performed by Dave McKeon and Chris Aaron Behrmann carry the emotion and speak what Woodrow probably shouldn't.  Yet he doesn’t evade the difficult; among other harsh realities, his narrator-self shares of New Orleans in ruins two years after Hurricane Katrina at one point and men in entry lines of New York City homeless shelters while the affluent scoff at another.
During the high moments, he plays a little with the audience and ego, bringing levity and balance in this nearly hour-long telling.  As with any good production, it was exciting and emotional, thought provoking, and left me feeling good. I mean, how many storytellers can you listen to at the gym?

48 LIVE is available on iTunes and on the author's website,