Graffiti Needs Help

I'm as urban as the cool, headnodding to (insert favorite music genre) person sitting next to me on the subway. I know that graffiti can be art.  Graffiti is a form of artistic expression that, at its best, compels one to contemplate one's viewpoints and place in the world and instigates other profound thought. I've seen Basquiat's extensive work, viewed Five Pointz from the number 7 train, and was raised in BedStuy, home of some of the most awesome graf murals on the planet. I have also seen the much denigrated other side: graffiti littering neighborhood walls, serving as evidence of adolescent boredom, acknowledgments of gang members, turf, and the like. But what is this?

It is not art and it ain't gangsta.

Granted using a USPS Priority Mail sticker for tagging is a waste of tax-payer money and is also annoying to remove but fiscal irresponsibility isn't hardcore. Neither is the writing of the friend or foe who chose to violate the January 2008 stamped sticker by scribbling over the thick sharpie strokes with an ink pen.
Are the days of interesting, (semi-) legible graffiti in NYC gone? This blogger hopes the answer is a definitive no. Help me believe in great graf again. Post your favorite graf "finds" in the comment section.