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This week, our Theories and Models of Literacy class is discussing 21st Century Literacy Skills. And what drops into my inbox from eSchool News but an article about 21st Century skills? Entitled
New 21st-century skills guide available
by Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor, the article begins:

"In yet another step toward helping schools and their students achieve 21st-century success, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) has released a new guide intended to help schools and districts evaluate the integration of 21st-century skills into their policies and practices.

The collection of tools, called the Milestones for Improving Learning and Education (MILE) Guide, initially was released six years ago. Owing to changes in some of the skills that students will need to learn to succeed in the global economy, the guide has been revised and updated."

The link to the full article is: or

Since the guide is free, I think there's no harm in including a link to it as well:

As stated in the MILE guide, it includes:

The MILE Guide Self-Assessment Tool
A visual mapping and self-assessment tool that allows districts to 1) plot where they are
today on the spectrum of 21st century skills integration, and 2) chart a course for more
effective integration of 21st century skills into their systems of learning.

Implementation Guiding Recommendations
Adapted from the P21 State Implementation Guides, these
recommendations include promising practices to illustrate how
districts can implement a 21st century skills model for learning.

P21 Framework
The most up-to-date P21 Framework that spells out expectations
for 21st century student outcomes and the necessary support
systems at the state and local levels.

Online MILE Guide
A streamlined version of the MILE Guide
Self-Assessment Tool will be available online at

For those of you who are in or preparing to enter the education field, what do you think of this guide/tool?

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