The first months of this blog will center on readings and conversations generated from my final required graduate class.  Shortly, I will earn a master's degree in English: Language and Literacy from CUNY's City College of New York. In the class entitiled Theories and Models of Literacy and in this blog we will explore the many facets of literacy including theories, current debate, and the ways in which literacy impacts one's daily life.
I'll post my reactions to readings, quotables from the readings and from my peers during discussions, and linkages I find to the rest of my life...books, movies, entertaining commercials, whatever comes to mind.  Practice your multiple literacies with responses of your own and we'll create knowledge sharing a community!

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  1. Crystal, You normally read texts carefully and closely. I noticed that you read the Jack Goody chapter from Domestication of the Savage Mind very closely--as revealed by your comments in class. What you rightly pointed out is that while the technology might influence the way individuals read, the technology (e.g., a printed text) might not be the determining factor or the only factor involved. You must have noticed that Wynne picked up on this point when she asked if the technology might influence but not determine cognitive acts involved in reading and thinking.